Company overview

Net Insight is a premier provider of innovative transport solutions for terrestrial media networks for the professional TV and media world. Our solutions deliver simplified management of networks and lower operating expenses, enabling faster launches of new media services and revenue flows that contribute to our customers’ success and growth. Our customers are media network owners like broadcasters and service providers.

Business concept

Net Insight delivers network products and services for effective, high-quality media transport for broadcasters and service providers. Net Insight’s solutions offer customers the benefit of lower cost and the potential for effective new media service launches.

Business model

Revenues are generated through direct and indirect sales of products and licenses, support and maintenance, professional services and training.


Net Insight’s customer base consists of broadcasters and service providers, such as telecom, satellite, DTT, cable TV and IPTV operators. Net Insight has over 200 customers in over 60 countries.

Sales and marketing model

Net Insight divides sales into three geographical regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), North and South America, and APAC (Asia-Pacific)


Value drivers


Our ambition is to be a growth company, and our target is to create profitable growth. On a market in fundamental transformation, we create growth and profitability through close and strategic partnerships with customers. We create innovative solutions together that make our customers successful and generate business benefits. To grow for the long term, we need to transform Net Insight into a customer and market-oriented company.


Overall targets

  • Outgrow the market with good profitability
  • Generate return on equity and earnings per share to make Net Insight an attractive
  • Be perceived as a leading vendor of high-quality media transport networks

Our offering

Efficient Management of Media Networks

Media operators expect media content to be readily available any time and anywhere. This transforms the demands set on networks in a way that drastically increases complexity. For network owners, this greater complexity means higher operating expenses—as much as 70 per cent of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over a five-year period.

To overcome these challenges, Net Insight’s media solutions offers a unique way to manage media traffic in IP-based networks, simplifying underlying network complexity. The Nimbra platform is designed for simple service provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting. This saves time and money by minimizing the operating expenses and time taken to manage services and network operations, and thus provide higher service quality. In turn, it generates a raft of benefits:

  • Simple and fast new service launches
  • The potential to offer better service level agreements
  • (SLAs) with higher availability
  • Faster response to customer demands, and thus, more satisfied customers
  • Reduced implementation risks

Superior Quality over all types of IP Networks

Net Insight delivers complete solutions for all types of IP network for multiple applications such as virtual workflows, for studio, arena, contribution and distribution networks. We ensure quality over all IP networks, whether private or public and Net Insight’s solutions improves the performance of underlying IP infrastructure.

The Nimbra Portfolio

Net Insight has the capacity to manage all media services individually in an IP network. This means that the operator can deliver, monitor and protect individual media services throughout the IP network. The benefit of a service-aware media network is quality-assurance of the most critical media services.

Our offering

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