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 The broadcast and media industry is moving towards an all-IP world but the need for quality and service integrity for media services is crucial. There is a dramatic increase in video traffic, and with new production models implemented, the network complexity increases.

Deploying new services and network elements also poses a challenge to network manageability. Since video is a mission-critical application, it requires high quality of service, which in turn requires careful planning, resulting in increased complexity and higher cost.

At the same time, consumer-driven Quality of Experience demands increase, and there has been no major change in traditional data-centric IP QoS mechanisms in the past few years. Net Insight has a unique value proposition for customers in improving the quality and control of media services in IP networks.


Net Insight’s promise

Net Insight’s technology ensures quality and service integrity over all IP networks, whether they are dedicated, managed or unmanaged. The ability to deliver these benefits is made possible by three unique capabilities: service-centric network management, QoS enchanced links and lossless routing.

Net Insight

Providing a true service-aware network

Net Insight’s approach is the only one to provide a true service aware network The Nimbra product family has the ability to handle all media services individually within the IP network. This capability means that the operator can provision, monitor and protect each service on-demand end-to-end across the IP network, making the network media service aware. By measuring packet loss and jitter in real time and on all intermediate links, the health of the underlying network is monitored to allow SLA reporting and fault location per link.

Two roads to success

In addition, Net Insight is able to deliver 100% Quality of Service for media-rich network traffic. This is accomplished in two ways. The Nimbra platform ensures zero packet loss within each node thanks to its lossless routing as well as improving the quality of the IP network traffic with QoS enhanced links.

The Nimbra platform also reshapes and resynchronizes the traffic at every hop, resulting in significantly reduced jitter and wander end-to-end. This means that before sending the traffic to the next Nimbra node, the traffic is reshaped which makes it easier for the IP core router to handle the traffic and not have overflow in its buffers. In fact it also improves the QoS for lower priority traffic, since it will not suffer from being temporarily starved by bursty, highpriority traffic.

Net Insight has the ability to provide end-to-end solutions over any type of IP network for many applications, such as virtual workflows, venue-, campus-, contribution- and distribution networks.

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